We’ve had the incredibly hard task of lovingly selecting (after many tastings…many tastings.) a range of wines that are lo-fi, minimal intervention, experimental, hands-off, organic and or bio-dynamic, with some wild and wacky winemaking that are not your expected varieties. We love the world of wine and want to introduce our guests to all the crazy things you can do to grapes. 


All our deliciously quaffable wines are available in the bottle shop at the prices shown below or in the bar with a corkage fee of +$15. We rotate our wines regularly to keep things exciting!




Pet Nat 


These are wines whose bubbles that are created in the bottle without filtration. They hold so much flavour with smaller bubbles but lots of texture.



Ghost Rock Supernatural Pet Nat | $27


M&J Becker Pet Nat | $35


La violetta "Spunk" pet-nat | $38


La Violetta "Happy" Pet-Nat | $38






Skin contact, wild yeast, low sulphites, unexpected colour and unexpected blends.



Alpha Box & Dice ‘Tarot’ skin contact Pinot Grigio | $23


Liquid Rock & Roll ‘White Noise’ Aromatic Blend | $24


Nomads Sav Blanc | $28


Marq Wild Sem Sav Blanc | $28


Deep Down Sav Blanc | $34 



Orange Wines 


These wines see extended skin contact that heightens the perfume and changes the colour. These wines are full of flavour and texture.


Dormilona Orenji $23


Inkwell’ Tangerine’ Viognier | $28


Dawning Day Skin Shady | $28


Le Petite Mort Quervi Gentil | $31





These beauties are all dry, just the way we like them.


Alpha Box & Dice Pink Matter rose | $23


Liquid Rock & Roll Grenache Rose | $23 


South by Southwest Rose $23


Doom Juice  Rose $26


Le Petite Mort Sangiovese Rose | $27



La Violetta "Ye Ye Pose" Nero D'avolo Rose $38


Miami Rose Bagnum $55







All are lo-fi and minimal intervention, there is wild yeast, carbonic maceration, low sulphites, whole bunch and organic.


Inkwell ‘Dubstyle’ Shiraz | $22


Alpha Box & Dice ‘Rebel Rebel’ Montepulciano | $24


Mada Rouge Shiraz, Sangiovese , Gewurtzraminer $25


Liquid Rock and Roll ‘Ghetto’ Dolcetto | $25


Inkwell ‘Road to Joy’ Shiraz Primitivo | $26


Marq Malbec | $28 


Nomads Nero de Avola | $28


Ghost Rock Supernatural Pinot Noir | $31


Deep Down Pinot Noir | $46 




Remember friends, we are sippers not gulpers, please drink responsibly.