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FBi Radio Outside Broadcast

We love our friends at FBi Radio and the fantastic things they do for Sydney's music scene.


We were STOKED to host Stephen Ferris' Sunday evening show 'Souled Out' earlier this year, joined by Rodney O & our much loved Jay Katz & Miss Death as they broadcast LIVE on FBi in the surrounds of Darlinghurst.


It was a huge day that had everyone dancing into the night.

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Texas Chainsaw Trivia turned 10 Years Old

Could it be the longest running trivia night in Australia? In the world?! A decade is a pretty sizable run. 

The unstoppable, inimitable, mind expanding Texas Chainsaw Trivia with Jay Katz and Coffin Ed, celebrated an entire 10 YEARS at the Darlo Bar in April, and my how the time flies!

Sydney's Most Eccentric Quiz night is still going very strong, and our hosts, like fine wine, only get better as time goes on... 

Read an interview with Jay Katz below