Whilst enjoying a lovely cocktail, beer or one of our new natural wines why not indulge in a little nibble from our Darlo Deli!




Toasties | $8 
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Relish 
3 Cheese with Tomato Relish Side (V)
Vegemite and Cheese (V)


Cheese plate for 2 | $16
Camembert, Poppyseed Lavosh, Smoked Almonds, Pinot Paste, Dried Apricots (V,GF, NFP)


Dip and Chips | $12
Smoked Baba Ghanoush, Smiths Salted Chips, Sumac (V, VG, GF, NF)


Toolunka Olives | $12 
(V, VG, GF, NF)


Winter soup - $10
Changes weekly, ask our friendly staff for daily selection (V, VG, GFP, NF)

Soup & Toastie Deal | $16
Daily soup selection paired with a toastie of your choice


V - Vegetarian

VG - Vegan

GF - Gluten Free

GFP - Gluten Free Possible

NF - Nut Free

NFP - Nut Free Possible




🍷 All our Darlo Deli snacks are fantastic with any of our natural wine selection.🍷