Darlo Bar is an iconic Sydney pub that is embedded in the rich history of Darlinghurst.

Here is a small part of our story.




From the 1880s to the 1920s, The Royal Sovereign Hotel in Darlinghurst was the scene of numerous political speeches. Local council candidates would use the corner pub as a place to meet the electorate, and would speak from the bar or the lace-metal balcony.


At some meetings, crowds of 300 people would gather on the street to hear the politicians from the balcony above. The Victorian-era hotel was demolished and soon after, a new, longer and higher hotel was built on its place.

Ninety years later, the hotel still stands on the corner of Liverpool Street and Darlinghurst Road - the Darlo Bar as we know it.



“Everything changes. Nothing changes. Viva the Sov. Viva the Darlo Bar”


- Anon, My Darling Darlinghurst