Competition has ended - join us in celebrating our winners here




Along with our friends at 4 Pines, we’re inviting emerging & established artists to submit their artwork with the chance to have it incorporated onto the iconic facade of the building. The aim of this competition is to allow our wonderful artistic community to weave their talent onto our walls.

We know the arts community has been through hell the past few years so this year we've upped the total prize pot & will be celebrating more artists with the top 10 being recognised. 


FIRST PLACE: $3500 + A place in Darlo history as our 2022 feature mural 

+ 4 Pines winners pack + printed skate deck trophy of your design 


SECOND PLACE: $1000 + Artwork featured on our front outdoor board 

+ 4 Pines winners pack + printed skate deck trophy of your design 


THIRD PLACE: $500 + 4 Pines winners pack + printed skate deck trophy of your design 


FOURTH - SIXTH PLACE: 4 Pines winners pack + printed skate deck trophy of your design 


SEVENTH - TENTH PLACE: Printed skate deck trophy of your Design 


Entries close 2nd May. Please read our terms and conditions before you consider entering, entry details below.




You've read the T&Cs and are ready to submit your awesome artwork!


All you have to do is email your design to and include your full name and phone number.


Please submit your art as an attached JPG, do not send links to download large files a well taken photo is perfect. We suggest landscape to be the best option.


Please remember that the entry must be an original artwork and somehow incorporate the full 4 Pines logo OR the trees within the logo to qualify.


Once the shortlist has been decided, public voting online will begin before the winner is announced. Our Paint Party will be held on 12/6/22 where the winner will recreate their winning design on our wall. Happy creating and we can't wait to see what you come up with!